The first Airbus A321neo in VIP

Airbus A321neo La Compagnie (c)
Airbus A321neo La Compagnie (c)

Airbus A321neo La Compagnie (c)

On June 6 of this year, the new Airbus A321neo in VIP mode took off from Paris Orly for the first time on a commercial flight. The aircraft is operated by La Compagnie and deployed on scheduled flights connecting Paris Orly to Newark Liberty International.

In addition to the new Airbus, La Compagnie also operates 2 Boeings 757. Meanwhile, Boeings are deployed on routes from Paris and Nice to Newark Airport. It is planned that one of the Boeings will leave the fleet in September this year.

Airbus A321neo in VIP configuration provides passengers with extra comfort. The cab contains only 76 seats in a 2-2 configuration. Each seat is equipped with a 15.7″ LCD screen. Wireless internet via Viasat is a matter of course. In the case of Boeings, passengers receive an infotainment tablet for the flight.

The new Airbus has LEAP 1A engines, the main advantage of which is reduced fuel consumption and lower operating costs.



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