The Sunday Summary 02/2021

Volotea Boeing 717-200

What happened to the airlines in the second week of this year? Read the latest issue of The Week.

End of the blockage of Qatar

After three and a half years of blockade of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt have decided to reopen their airspace. On 7 January, Qatar Airways was able to resume operations without planning restrictions and long diversions over Iran. We will add that the first flight over the territory of Saudi Arabia went to Johannesburg under the designation QR1365. Flights to Saudi Arabia, starting with Riyadh, are scheduled to start on Monday 11. of January.

Qatar Airways QR1365 (c)

Qatar Airways QR1365 (c)

China Airlines decommissions the B747-400

Jumbos in the colors of China Airlines will retire. The company, which has been operating the Boeing 747 fleet since 1990, has decided to gradually retire the B747-400 passenger version. This will happen after the B-18215 flies “nowhere”, which returns to Taipei after flying around Mt. Fuji in Japan. However, China Airlines will keep the aircraft in the cargo version, which will be gradually replaced by the 777F.
B-18707 China Airlines Boeing 747-409F

Return of MAXs to operation

Subject to approval by the Canadian authorities, MAX’s first flight within Canada is scheduled for 21. of January. WestJet plans to deploy the variant first on the route between Calgary and Toronto. The connection should be operated three times a week.

Similar plans have the American United, whose first flight operated by MAX is scheduled for 11. February, specifically on the UA1864 from Denver to Houston.

In addition to these two operators, GOL Linhas Aéreas, Copa Airlines, American Airlines and AeroMexico have put MAXa back into operation.

2.5 billion in compensation for MAX

A U.S. court ruling this week imposed a $ 2.5 billion fine on Boeing over allegations of conspiracy to commit B737 MAX fraud during the initial approval process and certification of the aircraft. Boeing has entered into an agreement with the US Department of Justice to resolve a criminal conspiracy report to influence the FAA Aircraft Evaluation Group (FAA AEG). The adjournment agreement consists of a fine of $ 243.6 million, $ 1.77 billion in compensation to Boeing customers and $ 500 million in compensation for the relatives of 346 Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines’ related accident victims.

“Boeing employees took the path of profit over honesty by hiding essential information from the FAA regarding the operation of its 737 MAX aircraft and seeking to cover up their fraud. This resolution infers Boeing’s responsibility for the crimes of its employees, addresses the financial implications for Boeing’s airline customers, and hopes that it will provide some compensation to the survivors of the victims of the disaster, “said David P. Burns, Deputy Attorney General.

A321 P2F for Titan Airways

A.k.a. Passenger 2 Freighter aircraft versions are becoming more and more popular. The latest was the charter operator Titan Airways. The redesigned A321 under the registration number G-DHJH is the first aircraft in its variant to offer the possibility of placing ULD containers in the cargo compartment as well as in the space previously intended for passengers.

G-DHJH Titan Airways (c) - craig

G-DHJH Titan Airways (c) – craig

Return of Volga-Dnepr An-124

After the recent grounding of the fleet, we received good news – the operator Volga-Dnepr announced the gradual return of their fleet of Antonov-124 aircraft into operation. Three of them are currently airworthy, and are scheduled to be put back into service with all aircraft in the fleet.
RA-82044 Volga-Dnepr Antonov An-124-100

Did you know that?

On 9. January 1997, after the merger of McDonell Douglas and Boeing, was the MD-95 renamed the Boeing 717-200?
Boeing 717 Volotea

To Stockholm with Air Explore

From Bratislava directly to Stockholm’s Arlanda – this is also the offer of Air Explore. More information about this flight can be found on the airline’s website –
OM-FEX Air Explore Boeing 737-8Q8(WL)

ABS Jets in Tatras

Our photographer David Dolinay took a great shot of the Legacy OK-JNT Embrager.
OK-JNT ABS Jets Embraer EMB-135BJ Legacy 600

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