The Sunday Summary 06/2021

OM-BLS Private Cessna 560 Citation XLS

B737 MAX 200 for Ryanair

After EASA approved the airworthiness of the type last week, the Irish low-cost carrier announced that the delivery of 24 pieces should take place before the peak of the summer season. Aircraft in a configuration with 197 “slimline” seats represent the first batch of a total of 210 ordered pieces.

Ryanair Boeing 737 MAX 200 (c)

Ryanair Boeing 737 MAX 200 (c)

Delay for B737 MAX 10

Like the Type 777X, the production program for the Type B737 MAX 10 is also to be delayed by two years. The delay for a given variant is caused by various factors, including certification requirements and modifications to the aircraft design. We can therefore look forward to the first deliveries of both types only in 2023. However, the manufacturer expects to deliver 737 MAX 7, the shortest variant of MAXs, already during this year.


Boeing -5X

We will stay with Boeing. The manufacturer started sending “preliminary requests for information” to its suppliers regarding the design of a new type of commercial aircraft marked -5X. The -5X concept responds to the success of the A321XLR, which competes with larger long-haul aircraft in a configuration of 180-220 passenger seats and a range of 8,700 kilometers, but at lower operating costs. The A321XLR has counted approximately 450 orders since its introduction at the Paris Air Show in June 2019.

Boeing New Midmarket Airplane (c)leeham news

Boeing New Midmarket Airplane (c)leeham news

787 in the cargo version

Kenya Airways has partnered with Avianor Inc. they agreed to modify their Dreamliners’ aircraft cabin for cargo space. The arrangement should allow the transport of up to 16 tonnes of cargo, with the possibility of making full use of the maximum payload of 46 tonnes. The modification has already received airworthiness approval from the local aviation authority as well as from the FAA. We keep our fingers crossed for Kenya Airways and hope to see similar adjustments more often.


787 for euroAtlantic

EuroAtlantic Airways will become the first Portuguese type 787 operator. The first of two planned Dreamliners, the nearly eight-year-old N961AM, is expected to be delivered to the company later this summer. The specific aircraft was also the first Dreamliner delivered to aeroMexico in August 2013. The euroAtlantic fleet currently has an average age of 19.4 years, so the company is expecting a major rejuvenation of their fleet.
2018-05-05 LHR N961AM


New long-haul carrier in Spain

World2Fly is the name of the new startup of the tourist group Iberostar, which plans to operate the A330 type and connect Spain with Latin America. The company recently applied to the US Department of Transportation (DOT) for permission to fly to the United States, with the prospect of launching flights this spring. The new operator plans to gradually put the more modern A350 into their operation.

Airbus A350 World2Fly (c)

Airbus A350 World2Fly (c)

#ProjectSunrise by Qantas

The Australian carrier plans to review the project under the heading #ProjectSunrise later this year. The project was originally planned before the onset of the pandemic and includes a fleet of A350-1000 capable of ultra-long-haul flights, which should connect the Australian capitals Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne with distant destinations including London, Paris, Frankfurt, New York, Chicago, Rio and Cape Town. CEO Alan Joyce anticipates launching the project in 2024.
F-WLXV Airbus A35K 34L YSSY-4937


Who visited us this week?

There was no shortage of spotter catches this week either. David Dolinay pleased us with pictures from the Tatras – OK-ROM and the grouping of two Cessnas.
OM-BLS Private Cessna 560 Citation XLS

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