The Sunday Summary 09/2021

Boeing 767-300ER Condor

Grounding of planes with PW4000 engines

The beginning of the week was in the reverberations of an engine failure on United’s UA328 line during takeoff from Denver. An ongoing investigation found cracks in two blades located on drive unit number two. In connection with the accident and concerns about material fatigue on the engine blades from the manufacturer Pratt & Whitney PW4000, an FAA circular was issued, which orders the immediate grounding of the B777 type in the configuration with the given engines. Based on this, 69 aircraft were grounded in operation and 59 aircraft were already grounded.
Operators who had to suspend their B777 include airlines in the United States, Japan and South Korea.

Finally, on the basis of the collection of data on the accident, data about both pilots were provided. Both have a total of 60 years of experience as transport pilots and have flown 40,000 flight hours. The captain was accepted into the company in 1990 and flew approximately 20,000 captain’s hours. The first officer joined the company in 1999 and flew 11,000 hours on the type. Both have a home base in San Francisco.
N204UA United Airlines Boeing 777-222(ER)

Praetor 500 from Embraer

The Praetor 500 is a fresh new model among medium-sized business jets. With a range of 3,340 nautical miles, it can boast the title of the fastest business with the longest range in its category. The first piece from a Brazilian manufacturer’s workshop was delivered to an unspecified customer in Brazil. The lucky owner can take a maximum of three other passengers with him – the aircraft is certified for four passengers.
Embraer 545 Praetor 500 Embraer PR-ZXL. GVA, May 23. 2019

Return of MAX

Smartwings has made history as the second European operator to “revive” their MAXs. The flight from Prague to Malaga on the OK-SWE registration aircraft was preceded by a test flight the day before. The flight itself under the designation QS1152 took off from Prague on February 25, 2021.

MAX was also approved to return to service by the Australian Aviation Authority this week. Australia thus became the first state in the Asia-Pacific region to approve the airworthiness of the type. Although no Australian operator has a given type of aircraft in their fleet, the change is expected to allow operations by companies that have flown to Australia with such types, such as Fiji Airways or Singapore Airlines.
Boeing 737 MAX8 Smartwings

Norwegian cancels aircraft orders

As part of the restructuring and “downsizing” of the company, the Norwegian carrier announced the cancellation of the order for 88 Airbus neo. Norwegian also announced the cancellation of 97 Boeing orders last June. The company is also planning to seek financial compensation from Boeing for problems with Type 787 engines and MAX grounding. Norwegian currently operates eight B737-800 aircraft from its home town Oslo.
Norwegian Air UK G-NRWY Boeing 737-8JP(WL)

Austrian sold their B767-300

Austrian Airlines managed to find buyers for their three B767-300ER aircraft. The new owner of the aircraft will be the American company MonoCoque Diversified Interests. OE-LAT will be the first aircraft to leave Vienna in early March for the Pinal Airpark in Arizona. He will be followed by OE-LAX, probably in May.
OE-LAT / ©

Cooperation between DHL and SmartLynx

DHL Express and SmartLynx Malta have announced a partnership agreement. The cooperation will concern the leasing of two A321-200s in cargo modification by SmartLynx for the cargo operator DHL.
Airbus A321-231 SmartLynx YL-LCQ in all white livery. GVA, January 28. 2017

Icelandair in Antarctica

Icelandair’s Boeing 767-300ER TF-ISN registration had an interesting trip this week. Through Cape Town, under the designation FI1010 / ICE1010, he headed to the Troll Research Station (QAT) in Antarctica to pick up a group of Norwegian scientists. There were six pilots, 13 flight attendants and one mechanic in the crew of twenty people.

Flight ICE1010 (c)

Flight ICE1010 (c)

Flyover over Chernobyl

If you miss flying but you don’t miss a dose of guts and curiosity, this offer will be just for you. After two years, Ukraine International Airlines is once again offering sightseeing flights over the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the Antonov-type aircraft factory. The flight “nowhere” lasting a little over one hour is scheduled for March 7, starting and ending at the airport in Kiev.
UR-GAS Boeing 737-528(WL)

Condor in Bratislava

This weekend was one of the biggest spotter events of the year. We closely monitored the arrival and departure of the Condor charter flight – on Saturday from behind the fence and on Sunday at the airport. You can ejnoy yourself in the photo gallery.

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