PR – Civic Association Civil Association was founded in 2014 to promote and develop activities at local, regional and national level in the field of aviation.

The association is actively working not only with airports, airlines or societies, but also with travel agencies, organizations and other associations, which have largely impacted the preservation and development of air transport .

One of the main objectives of the association is to communicate with the public, local government, the particular representatives of Slovak regional policy, business units, chambers of commerce and the authorities responsible for legislative changes in support and development of air transport.

Furthermore, also focuses on publication, training and consulting activities in the field of aviation up to the effect of tourism development and economic benefits for the region in the catchment area of the airport.

President of the Civil Association, Juraj Ondruš, in regard to the activities of the association stated: “I am very happy that at the outset we unite all supporters of aviation – from photographers, through travelers, pilots, experts in destination management to the general public. Our goal is to promote aviation through social networks, association meetings and discussions involving professionals as well as the general public. Civil Association is a voluntary, independent and non-governmental association, whose members may be any natural or legal person older than 15 years, which agrees with the conditions and the articles of association.

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