Fans will come into their own

LZ-FBD Bulgaria Air Airbus A320-214

This year’s holiday season at Bratislava Airport is more than good for aircraft fans.

On charter flights, we can see companies that we could see here also previous seasons, but also companies that previously arrived in Bratislava rather rarely.

There are several reasons, eg. Boeing 737MAX aircraft grounding. This caused wrinkles at the head of the airline Travel Service, which has already operated several pieces and had ordered more.

Changes in who will fly for individual travel agencies also came directly from negotiations between TA and airlines.

Therefore, this summer in Bratislava we can meet with airlines such as:

5B-DCX Cyprus Airways Airbus A319-114

Cyprus Airways

LZ-FBD Bulgaria Air Airbus A320-214

Bulgaria Air

SU-TCK AlMasria Universal Airlines Boeing 737-446

AlMasria Universal Airlines

FlyEgypt Boeing 737-800


LZ-BVL Ellinair Boeing 737-33S(WL)


TC-ONJ Onur Air Airbus A321-131

Onur Air

TS-IOP Tunisair Boeing 737-6H3

Tunis Air

TC-ETF AtlasGlobal Airbus A321-231


SX-KAT Orange2fly Airbus A320-232


For example, in the case of Poprad-Tatry and Košice airports, you can also get on holiday with Pegasus Airlines. If you’re lucky, the new Airbus NEO.

TC-NCE Pegasus Airbus A320-251N

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